Jewelry Round

Jewelry Round

from 140.00

Travel in Style! Inspired by traditional designs, our bags are fresh, modern and 100% Made to Order.

Sought-after as unique bridal and bridesmaid gifts, our extra-special bags are perfect for the holidays.

With over 500 thread colors & 75 monogram styles to choose from, there's a bag for everyone!

Made with the utmost quality and care by embroidery artists in our workshop.

  • 8 week lead time (but SO worth the wait!)

  • Jewelry cases are fabric-lined

  • Exterior vinylization available for + $20 (NOT available on the Textured Linens.)

Custom items are FINAL sale.

To customize your own case, please scroll down to see the instructions below.

When you’re ready to place your order, make a selection from the “Size & Style” drop-down menu, and then click the blue button to begin your design. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Customize Your Case

Customization Instructions

To create your own custom case, please follow the steps below…

  1. CHOOSE YOUR BASE FABRIC: For the outside of your case. The inside will be made in a corresponding color (usually matching the pipe). SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW YOUR FABRIC OPTIONS


    Would you like Thread or Appliqué? (hummm.. that's a tough one they're all so beautiful!)

    Thread monograms have either 1 or 2 colors of thread, which are illustrated on the images. Some single color monograms can be made in 2 color (email us to ask, if we can we will!).

    Appliqué monograms are made of fabric (your choice) and have either self/matching thread stitching or contrast thread stitching. Also your choice! :)


    Pipe for Thread Monograms: The piping trim around the edge will match the color of your thread monogram's main initial (or color #2). We have a perfect match for virtually every thread!

    Pipe for Appliqué Monograms: If you have selected an appliqué monogram you have the choice to match the pipe to your letter fabric or your stitching color.

  3. PERSONALIZATION: Would you like a monogram, name or word? Have fun with it!

    Some words that come to mind: MAKEUP, BEAUTY, AMMO, MEDS, BLING.

    3 letter Monograms traditionally place the last initial in the center of the design, so please enter your initials on the form: FIRST, LAST, MIDDLE.

    If you prefer your initials in standard order, please enter FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST or FIRST, LAST.

  4. VINYLIZATION: Cosmetic cases can be vinylized on the exterior in any fabric EXCEPT THE TEXTURED FABRICS. (Natural Textured, Grey Textured, Black Textured, Navy Textured, Hot Pink Textured, Green Textured, Sky Blue Textured and Purple Textured cannot be vinylized.) If you would like vinylization, please choose that option in the “Size & Style“ dropdown menu above.

  5. Ready to order? Scroll back to the top of the page and make a selection from the “Size & Style“ dropdown menu. Then click the blue "Customize Your Case & Place Your Order” button to access the order form and let us know your choices. Once you’ve completed and saved the form your custom case will be added to your shopping cart. You can always review your order and all of your customizations at checkout before finishing your purchase. Have fun!

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